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Lone Star Trading Company
6443 W. Main Street
Frisco, Texas 75034
(972) 712-1669
(972) 712-8814 - FAX
TOLL FREE 1+888+883-9971

TO PLACE AN ORDER - Just click on the "Load It Up" button on the product pages which is a term used daily at our store. This will place the item in your shopping cart on the Order Page. Quantities can be changed on the Order Page (correct the quantity by typing over the existing quantity and then click the Update Quantities button). Items can also be removed from the Order Page (just click "remove" on the far right next to the product you want to remove). Tax will only be added to your order if your shipping address is in Texas. The tax rate is 8.25%. Shipping will be added to the order when it is shipped out and an updated invoice with the shipping charges will be in the box with your order.

Due to the many types of inventory carried by Lone Star Trading Company we cannot calculate shipping costs automatically on the order form due to the shipping carrier's requirement for length and width of the box plus the weight to calculate correct shipping costs. Large items must go by truck. Yahoo currently does not have the capability to price items with so many variations. Shipping will be added once we have entered the order into our Fedex Ship Manager System for small packages or received a quote for shipment from the trucking company on large packages and furniture. Papasan Chairs say "Shipping Included" on the same line as the item - Shipping is already included and the total shown on the order is what we will charge your credit card. Papasan Cushions are shipped via Fedex Ground in an oversized box - the shipping is not already included on Papasan Cushion orders. If you have a shipping preference, want a quote prior to shipment or have any questions please contact us at our toll free number 1+888+883-9971, send us an e-mail or put the request in the Comments Section of your order. We bill the actual shipping costs plus the price of the box.

SHIPPING - SHIPPING IS NOT FREE - Once you have placed your order we will receive an exact quote for shipping before we charge your credit card. This way you will not have multiple charges for one Lone Star Trading Company order. WE DO NOT CONTACT CUSTOMERS AUTOMATICALLY TO QUOTE SHIPPING CHARGES. If you would like a shipping quote prior to shipment please request a shipping quote prior to placing an order via our toll free number 1+888+883-9971 or send us an e-mail. You may also go ahead and place your order, but add a comment to your order such as "Please quote shipping charges prior to shipment." If you place an order and do not request a quote for shipping charges prior to shipment your credit card will be billed for the shipping charges to return the item.

We ship FedEx Ground (to businesses)and Fedex Home Delivery (to Residences), Fedex Express Overnight and Motor Freight (Trucking Company) for large items. We need a city and zip code to quote shipping charges. We also need to know if the shipping address is a Residence or a Business - this is very important for the following reasons 1) the shipping company bills a Residential Surcharge which is a required field when we request our quotes 2) Fedex has different drivers for Residence and Business deliveries, if the information is incorrect it can delay the delivery of your order as they usually have to get the package to the correct driver. 3) Fedex Ground shipments to Businesses deliver Monday - Friday. Fedex Home Delivery shipments to Residences are delivered Tuesday - Saturday. Your order can be delayed up to three days if you do not give us correct information about Residence or Business plus we are penalized by Fedex and charged an extra $5.00 because Fedex has to make corrections in the field - this charge may be passed on to the customer. Fedex considers home office businesses Residential shipments and the Residential Surcharge will apply.

Large Business complexes and University campuses with Box numbers can be delivered only if there is a physical building address included with the box number in the shipping address.

All large items such as all Papasan Chairs (Single and Double), Furniture and Gazebos must be delivered via a trucking company. We also need to know on these shipments if it will be delivered to a residence or a business. Trucking companies also charge an additional fee to deliver to residential areas, currently the Residential Surcharge is $54.18 - that is in addition to the actual shipping charges - and in almost all cases the trucking companies consider home businesses a Residential delivery and the surcharge applies - this is because they have to drive their 18-wheelers into residential neighborhoods. You can get the business rate if you have us ship it to the trucking Company's terminal and you pick it up there - be sure that you have a vehicle big enough for the package. The Papasan boxes are 5'x 5'x 5'. Actual shipping costs will be billed on each order - which includes the shipping charge plus the cost of the box. If you have a shipping preference or any questions please contact us at our toll free number 1+888+883-9971 or send us an e-mail.

APO's, FPOs, INTERNATIONAL, ALASKA & HAWAII - Lone Star Trading Trading Company ships to APO addresses for our military. Military APOs ship via the United States Postal Service. Due to the very expensive shipping for international orders and shipments to Alaska and Hawaii - we will also ship these orders via the Post Office on request. We take APOs as well as International, Alaskan and Hawaiian orders to the Post Office once a week, usually on Saturdays.

SHIPMENTS TO CANADA - WE ARE NO LONGER SHIPPING TO CANADA VIA FEDEX GROUND - Do to difficulty collecting Duties & Taxes from customers who have received their packages, but then refuse to pay the Duties & Taxes billed to them by Fedex - we are then forced to pay the customer's Duties & Taxes - these are the customer's responsibility - so, as such, we are discontinuing service to Canada. Update - Occasionally, we still receive requests from customers urging us to please process their orders to Canada, in these instances, if we process the order the customer is still responsible for Duties & Taxes. If we process your order and you then refuse to pay these Duties & Taxes we will charge your credit card for these charges in the exact amount we are billed by Fedex.

Due to the many types of inventory carried by Lone Star Trading Company we cannot calculate shipping costs automatically on the order form due to carrier's requirement for length and width of boxes plus weight to calculate correct shipping costs. UPS Ground and FedEx Ground also have size limitations. If the box exceeds the UPS Ground or FedEx Ground limitations we must send the package via motor freight (truck). Yahoo currently does not have the capability to price items with so many variations. Shipping costs will be added to every order once we have received a quote from the shipping company and a copy of the total invoice will be placed in the box with the shipment. All orders for items that are too big for Fedex Ground or UPS Ground have to ship via truck - the truck is usually an 18-wheeler - all Papasan Chairs, Wrought Iron Gazebos and Furniture have to ship by truck. Furniture includes Wrought Iron Furniture, Wicker Furniture, PVC Furniture, Cast Aluminum Furniture, Wood Furniture and Old World Furniture. ***THE ONLY SHIPPING WE QUOTE AUTOMATICALLY ARE THE BIG ONES THAT HAVE TO SHIP VIA TRUCKING COMPANY***. Please contact our Frisco store toll free at 1+888+883-9971 for questions or additional information about shipping charges and/or procedures. Thank you.

WHEN RATING US - Lone Star Trading Company is a Top Service Yahoo Merchant with a Five Star Rating. Almost all the inventory we carry has to be hand packaged due to the size and shape of many of the items we sell. This is time consuming and we cannot immediately ship all orders. Boxes are not made in many of the sizes we need. Please keep this in mind when rating us on the Yahoo store rating system which asks customers to rate Yahoo Merchants on their ordering experience, specifically on our Customer Service, did we respond promptly and did we ship on time?

Also consider this when we custom finish a wrought iron piece. We need to allow time to paint the piece and let it dry before packaging it for shipment (Texas weather effects us here). Additionally, if we are out of stock and/or special order an item or agree to find a piece for a customer it may require several buying trips for us to locate the item. We are happy to try and locate certain products for our customers, but please don't hold it against us if it takes us a while to find the item. We are a real store with inventory and walk in customers - not a distribution center. Thank you.

RETURN POLICY - We need to be notified within three days after receipt of the product. Return shipping charges are the customer's responsibility and the merchandise needs to be returned in good condition and if it is a packaged product, such as Christmas Lights, it must be returned in it's original packaging and in the same new condition. The initial shipping charges are also the customer's responsibility.

DAMAGE DURING SHIPPING - We insure all of our shipments. We ask that you keep the product until it can be inspected because the shipping companies require proof of damage to reimburse us.

CREDIT CARDS - We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

PRIVACY POLICY - Lone Star Trading Company does not collect or use any information obtained from our customer's orders. We adhere to the Yahoo Shopping Privacy Policy which is a requirement to operate a store on Yahoo.

IMAGES WITHOUT "LOAD IT UP BUTTONS" - We will be adding prices, dimensions and additional description information plus "Load It Up" buttons in the near future to items listed on this site with images only. If you see an item you are interested in prior to this please call us toll free at 1+ (888) 883-9971 until we complete these tasks. Thank you.